Welcome Bags!

This weekend!!! Can you believe it??? We can’t, lol, but we are SO excited!!!!

A note about welcome bags- we have one of these bags per couple (or two people) or per room, whatever applies to you. If you have four people in a room, please take two! If there is one of you in a room, take one! If in doubt, take one, we have enough.

Where do you get these?

The best place is to grab them on your way out of the Friday night welcome party. They will be by the door.

If you are checking in to the hotel Saturday, the hotel will have them for you at check in.

If you won’t be at the Friday night party, or staying at the Amway Grand Plaza, we will have a table with the rest Saturday night. At this point, we will have extras most likely, so if you want to take one extra gift bag go for it! (You may need the extra hangover kits inside, we get it.)

Can’t wait to see everyone!!! It’s going to be an incredible weekend!!

Download the Free WedPics App!!

Hey guys, we will be using WedPics for the wedding weekend, an awesome app where all those pics you take on your smartphone can be saved in one place for everyone to see! It will be really fun to share all these with each other!

If you have any photos from the Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, or showers, you can upload them easily to those albums on the app to share!! Would love to see some of those…. !


Check it out!! It’s free to download and a lot of people have started using this, so you can switch between weddings, etc!

Room Block Cutoff EXTENDED!

Hey everyone! The hotel graciously extended the Carmichael-Janisse room block with the special rate of $129 until MONDAY, MAY 4th! This was extremely helpful of them, so please be sure to book your room before then to ensure you have one!

For instructions, see the blog post on the hotel room block, or go to Travel Information on this website. Thanks!


Hey guys! Just a reminder, we DO have a room block at the hotel with a significantly lower rate (find everything you need to know in the “Travel Information” section, or below on this page in an earlier blog)

However, the cutoff date is APRIL 22, a full month before the event, so please reserve early so no one is stuck pay anything extra. 

Everything will be happening at the Amway Grand Plaza, or across the street, so this is far and above the easiest location to stay for the weekend. Just wanted to remind you all since the cutoff date is so much earlier than the actual event date!

Thanks guys!! Can’t wait to see everyone!!

RSVPs-meal options

We were unable to do our tasting before ordering invitations, so if you are wondering which meal choice you’d like, here is what we chose for the evening:

(If you want to change your pick after reading these, it’s no problem. Just let me know before May 2nd!)

Chicken- Roasted Chicken Breast w/ Apple-Currant Stuffing & Calvados Cream Sauce

Beef- Slow-Braised Beef Pot Roast (Steve says this is delicious!)

Vegetarian option will be vegan as well, it’s a cauliflower dish

Please remember to inital by the meal of choice, as they will be marked on your place cards. Thank you! 

Also, please remember to RSVP for the Friday night welcome party AND Sunday Brunch through this website. We want to have enough food and drink for everyone!

Can’t wait!!!

Bliss List Contest! Vote for us!

Hey guys! For the next 10 days you can vote daily for us in Maggiano’s Bliss List contest!! Steve and my entry made the Top 10 out of over 900 entries!

If we win, we are hoping to use it for a huge anniversary party next year, which of course everyone is invited to who was invited to the wedding. Let’s celebrate again together!!

Thanks so much, we appreciate you!

Addresses & Invitations

Hey guys! Our invitations have arrived, and they are beautiful! Can’t wait to send them off to you all!


If your address has changed in the last 6 months, or if for any reason you think we may have an error in yours, you didn’t receive a Christmas card, etc, please update with us asap? Even if you just want to double check it’s correct. It will save us SO much time. Thank you!

Also, everyone, EVERYONE, who is invited to the wedding is invited to the opening night welcome party Friday night at the museum, and to the brunch Sunday at the hotel. For those events, you will need to RSVP through this website, please. :) 

Please RSVP for the actual day of the wedding with your response cards. This way you can choose which meal you prefer for each member of your party. Thanks!

A little over 3 months to go!!

Less than 6 months to go!

Oh my gosh where does the time go? I just met a wonderful woman over the weekend who told me they planned their ENTIRE wedding in 7 months, so I feel a little better about having less than 6 months left to complete everything….but still!

If you would like to see some more information on our wedding party, Steve has added his groomsmen, so hop on over to the “Our Wedding Party” page and check out the amazing people who will be standing up with us from all over the country! Steve’s father John will be the best man, and we are so honored. :)

Speaking of honored, the wonderful, incredible, well dressed, and of course wildly handome Mr. Jerry Deeney has agreed to officate our ceremony! He has been there since day one, and he and his wife Liz are both dear friends. It means so much to us to have someone who has known us personally, separately and together, joining us for life before our nearest and dearest. 

Ms Andrea Reedy, my fabulous Matron of Honor is flying to LA this weekend because, let’s face it, it’s ABOUT that time to say YES to the DRESS!!

And a huge thank you to Ms Marilyn Janisse and my aunt Jennie Carmichael for organizing bridal showers in two different states! I already had one huge amazing family, and now I get to be part of another amazing one!! How lucky is that??

I am seriously, seriously getting excited, people….

Oh, and feel free to leave a comment in our online guestbook!! We love hearing from you!

Back in full swing!

We are through the summer and attacking wedding planning once again! After an absolutely insane summer we are happy to have time and energy to dedicate toward the BEST AND BIGGEST PARTY WE HAVE EVER THROWN!! (Yet!) 

Happy to announce we got THE DJ of our dreams and couldn’t be more excited to dance and celebrate with all our nearest and dearest loves! 

Also the “welcome party” at the Van Andel Museum Friday night is shaping up to be a total blast and full of surprises! Don’t forget, everyone invited to the wedding is invited to this event, which will serve as our rehearsal dinner AND welcome. Come let us feed you and get pics on the amazing carousel! 

Lastly, many of you have been asking, and yes- kids are welcome for the weekend, including the welcome party, brunch Sunday, and everything in between! Though don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you leave them with the babysitter for the weekend and come party adult style! We will have some help in the child care department lined up for Saturday evening though, so you won’t have a curfew if we can help it. ;)

8 1/2 months!!!!


We live in Michigan now!!

So happy to announce that we officially live in Michigan as of the past weekend!  We could not be happier to be closer to family and old friends, and, obviously, our wedding!  Now that the move is wrapped up, back to wedding planning- whew!

10 months to go!

Hotel reservation link

Hey guys!

We have officially received our online reservation page from the Amway Grand Plaza! The link is on the “Travel Information” page as well, but here it is for easy access-

Our room block is available for $129 per night May 22nd and 23rd of 2015.  The cutoff date for block reservations is April 22nd, 2015. 

Let us know if you have any questions! :)

Moving to Michigan!

In case you haven’t heard yet, we are officially moving to Michigan this summer! We are so excited to be closer to all of our family back home, and to raise our kids back in the Midwest with their aunts, uncles, grandparent, cousins, etc. Luckily this will help with wedding planning too, since we won’t have to plan everything remotely! Perfect!

1 year and 2 weeks to go- watch for your save the dates soon!

Planning has officially begun!

Steve and I are so incredibly excited for our wedding weekend, and honestly not sure how we can wait more than a year! 404 days according to The Knot!

However, The Knot also tells me we have 95 “to-dos” left on our checklist, so I suppose we will be thankful we had all this time. Le sigh.

We will keep this blog updated regularly, and the site as well, so consider this wedding central!  We are going to have a lot of fun things going on, and will explain each and every one of them here. Thanks for being a part of our special day, and for your love and support. Love you guys!